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Technical Support
Our service technicians are well trained to provide the highestlevel of customer service and satisfaction. Sometimes we can solve the problem without you having to ship us the instruments, we usually can help determine the extent of repairs by discussing the problem over phone, email, and provide you with the solution by means of video, instruction manual to solve the problem.

Technical Consultancy
Capable of offering you the expertise in surveying, field engineering, performing in accordance with industry and professional standards.

We offer a period time of warranty for all of our instruments and we have sufficient stock of spare parts for service in warranty period and even out of warranty period.

Prior to delivery, all instruments and accessories will be rigorously tested and inspected according to standards so that they are intact in appearance, all functionalities and parameters must meet the index required,all accessories, user manual and so on are included in the shipment. The inspection is carried out by our well trained specialist team with a wealth of experience in application of instruments. 

Once the instrument has been determined that it needs to be repaired, we will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization). The model,serial number of the instrument and a detailed description of the malfunction must be included in RMA. Once the instrument is received by us, our technician will perform a professional instrument assessment and contact you with the results, including repair costs (for the instrument out of warranty), which are for your confirmation prior to completion of repairs.

We have built a logistics platform to provide you with full-service of international logistics for the purpose of helping you reduce cost and improve efficiency.

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  • Shark-S900S Single Frequency Side Scan Sonar pdf 3M 2018-6-28
  • Shark-S450U Single Frequency Side Scan Sonar pdf 3M 2018-6-28
  • Shark-S900U Single Frequency Side Scan Sonar pdf 3M 2018-6-28