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Beijing Lcocean will participate Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East in Dubai

Time: 2023-2-13 Source:本站

Our company will participate Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East in Dubai World Trade Centre in 16-18 May 2023 for showing our own intellectual property products and new products.  We are looking forward to communicate with you at our booth.  The booth number   is T20.

Beijing Lcocean Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing in July 2014 with technical team from the Institute of Acoustics, China Academy of Science. Its main products include side-scan sonar, multi-beam echosounder, etc. The side-scan sonar products have a market share of more than 70% in China and have been tested and approved by various customers abroad. Beijing Lcocean is also the first enterprise in China to develop and promote a full range of side-scan sonar products. Beijing Lcocean’s core technologies cover full components including transducers, algorithms, structures, software and hardware. Constantly innovation ensures the development of various new products according to market demand.

Side-scan sonar products include conventional single-frequency, dual-frequency and tri-frequency series, and multi-beam side-scan sonar with 5-beam, 7-beam and even 9-beam, which can be towed and embedded into unmanned platforms such as ROV/AUV/USV. It has a number of exclusive advantages, such as built-in single-beam echosounder which can accurately track the height of the towed fish from the bottom in real time; the acquisition software can perform real-time mosaic and loading of maps, charts etc; the original acoustic raw data can be output in real time for AI function development such as automatic target recognition.